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Website – or it didn’t happen. In this digital day and age, any business with serious intentions ought to have a strong online presence. Businesses that don’t have a website do not exist. When the entire world is at a click’s distance and consumers can research any of their needs instantaneously on the web, it is important to be there with your offering – at the right time, in the right www place, with the right website design. But what makes web design good? The design of your website can make or break your business. Our website design Toronto offering is here to grow yours. At Arctic Designs, we are guided by a couple of principles that guarantee that any of the websites we design and/or develop meet all the requirements and thus become an efficient tool in your brand’s arsenal. We design websites that build your business.

Key factors of proper website design in Toronto

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Website's Purpose

Everything starts with a why. Understanding the purpose your website will serve is the cornerstone in building and designing a website that will attract and retain consumers. Is your website supposed to inform, sell, entertain, guide, consult or just represent your business the way a business card does? All these along with plenty of others are legit purposes that need to be outlined and identified in a hierarchical manner (yes, we do understand that most of the time the website will have to serve several purposes) before web development even starts. This purpose will guide the structure, look and feel of the website, along with its functionality. Now, more than before, the medium is the message and your website design Toronto is one of the (if not the most?) important ways to tell the story of your brand in an increasingly digital world.

Website Usability

Website design Toronto does matter, but navigation is above all. The way your website is structured determines whether your customer will be able to find what he’s looking for easily and lazily. Each extra step in the consumer journey on your website that stands in the way of conversion (or, in other words, of the realization of the purpose of your website) is a step closer to losing this lead irreversibly. One of the underlying goals of web design is to minimize distractions on your website. Does the website contain all the required information? Are the pages clearly laid out and easily accessible? Does the website look good on the desktop? What about a larger desktop? What about a tablet? And last – but definitely not least – on mobile? These are aspects that cannot be ignored, especially since mobile traffic has exceeded desktop browsing since 2017. Your website has to live well in all the environments where your consumer is. Here, at our website design Toronto we design systems and backbones that not only ensure that the consumer can easily access all the necessary information but also actually take and lead the consumer to where you want him to arrive from your business’ standpoint. This means that the websites developed at Arctic Designs are custom built to best fit your business purpose as reported to your audience’s needs.

Website Content

An efficient business communication is clear, straightforward and coherent. Same applies to all your business assets and your website among them. A proper website design Toronto will preserve your overall business tone of voice, will communicate your brand purpose and value, and will answer your consumers’ questions before they can even think them. Moreover, we can use the opportunity of a prospective consumer landing on your website by communicating more than you could do with any other owned media, as a website is the most flexible and capacious marketing tool in your brand’s arsenal. But customers are not the only ones reading your website – so are the search engines. We make sure to maximize the impact of your website in the digital realm by employing well-thought SEO content strategies. That means that not only the actual text content is compelling, engaging, related and key-word friendly, but also the structure, the layout and the underlying development tools are SEO-appropriate. As a result, your website will benefit from increased visibility, will appear high on the list of search results and hence will reach your audience in the most efficient and relevant way possible.


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While building a great website from the get-go is certainly the ideal scenario, you might find yourself at a point in your business’ progress when a website redesign is needed. Say you notice that the traffic on your website is low, almost no sales happen neither online nor offline, you don’t appear on the first pages of search engines or simply you realize your website both looks and feel outdated. These are all immediate signs that your website needs a re-do. In an era of constant innovation and goldfish attention spans it is crucial to stay relevant and up-to-date. This is why we take web redesigns as well as website design Toronto at least as serious – if not more, as there is a great deal of legacy to be preserved – as initial website design. Check our website design style here. Here are some of the types of redesign we can offer for your Toronto website design

Main types of website design


Facelift for your website. This service is best suited for relatively recent web designs where a twist on the look or on the feel is needed in order to better express the business purpose and to engage the consumers more efficiently and aesthetically. Additionally, such redesign is faster and less costly but is only applicable for cases when the structure in place is well thought and fully functional.


A full-on transformation. This service is more complex, as it takes the legacy of the previous website, along with the actual vector of the business and redesigns the entire matrix so as to better serve the business goals and the realities of technological advancements and digital trends. Our experience allows us to craft website architectures that optimize consumer journeys and time spent and maximizes business impact.


What you say and how you say it. This offer for your website design is more content-oriented. We help you create exhaustive content strategies that efficiently perpetuate your brand story in the digital world, while also strategically implementing best SEO practices. We put the muscle on the skeleton of your website and we make it work together with your branding.



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