Transportation company logo design Toronto

October 17, 2017
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Transportation company logo design Toronto

All owners of successful transportation companies understand the fundamental importance of branding in the formation of business. The right marketing strategy, advertising and memorable Transportation company logo design Toronto are the key elements of the success of any company. In order to achieve recognition among the target audience, and to get a constantly increasing client base, you need all components of your company to be maintained at the highest standards.

The transport industry is not an exception to this rule. To win the competitive market of your company you need a perfect corporate identity, the main part of which is a corporate logo, which you can order from us. The development of a logo for a transport company implies certain features, which will be discussed below.

transportation company logo design toronto

Key things to consider when designing a logo for a transportation company:


A promise that conveys the logo design

For transport companies, common ideas for sending are such concepts as the speed of delivery, reliability, excellent interaction with customers, a pleasant price for services. Decide on what you want to transfer, before ordering a company logo, in order to correctly convey your branded features and ideas in your brand name.

Trends and trends of your industry logo

You do not need to copy the logos of other companies, but to get acquainted with the basic ideas that are present in all branded signs of the transport industry is worth. Most often there are visual images of trucks, cars, airplanes, trains (depending on the direction of the company), arrows depicting movement, a clock symbolizing the speed of delivery and transportation.

transportation company logo design toronto

Colours used to create a logo for a transportation company

The colours that you use to develop the logo of your company, cause certain associations and emotions in the potential audience. Here are the most popular examples of colours used to create a transport company logo:

RED: strength and energy
BLUE: calm, friendliness, stability
YELLOW: creativity and cheerfulness
GREEN: harmony, ecological compatibility
ORANGE: comfort and reliability

Colour is important, but the development of the logo should also take into account how your brand name will look in black and white, in particular, if you need such printing, for example, on documents. You also need to consider whether your transportation company logo design Toronto will look good in an inverse version, when printing in white on a coloured surface. When doing a transportation company logo design Toronto, the optimal number of colours is two or three, to simplify the image and increase the contrast of your brand name.

transportation company logo design toronto

Make sure that your logo is sufficiently adaptive

Since the transportation company logo design Toronto is often placed on trucks or aircraft, it is necessary that the logo be read equally in both small and large versions. Ideally, when the brand name can be easily viewed from a distance, so the typography should be as simple and clear as possible. The idea of ​​your logo should be clear at a glance to enhance memorability when a potential customer sees your logo on the side of a passing vehicle. Since the surface on which your logo is printed will not always be perfectly smooth (for example, the stretched fabric of a corporate uniform), it is desirable to avoid detailed realistic images because they may be distorted. If you’re looking for a professional Toronto logo design for a transportation company simply contact us or check our Instagram for all of our project highlights.


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