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July 17, 2017
July 17, 2017 admin


Over the past 10 years, during which Toronto graphic design companies work in the branding and packaging design market, we have witnessed significant changes and a number of new trends in this industry. Being design partners and consultants for our customers, manufacturers of consumer goods, we regularly monitor how their tasks, capabilities and packaging requirements for their products change and analyze the market factors that determine the vector of such changes. The active development of flexible packaging is one of the most striking trends that we would like to talk about in more detail.

Flexible packaging is now the preferred format for most of our customers-manufacturers of products in such categories as tea, coffee, groceries, confectionery products, dairy products, ready-made meals and convenience foods, baby food, hygiene and beauty. This phenomenon is based on a number of different factors.

Consider, for example, economic reasons. Using flexible packaging allows manufacturers to optimize costs and save on packaging materials, storage, logistics. This allows, in the end, to reduce the cost of the product on the shelf, and creates advantages in the competitive struggle for the consumer.


If Toronto graphic design companies talk about consumer expectations, then the desire to save on consumer goods is the strongest trend. The consumer tries to extract the greatest benefit for the same money, avoiding overpayment where it can be saved. This applies not only to the low price segment, but also to more expensive products.

For manufacturers, this is an occasion to rethink the supply of products, minimizing the cost of packaging, and for marketers – to increase the emphasis on the benefits of supply. Following this trend, today consumers make an informed choice in the direction of flexible packaging, since it seems to be a more economical format.

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Being relatively affordable, flexible packaging allows manufacturers of designers to more fully meet one more actual need of the audience – the need for individualization of design. So, for example, within the framework of the special Orion Choco-pie series “Share feelings”, our agency developed a design for 60 kinds of individual packages of cake, with a unique illustration, accompanied by confessions and wishes to relatives on each of them. This decision allowed to involve buyers in activity, to give them an opportunity to choose that individual variant of the package, which reflects their thoughts and emotions, had an impact on stimulating sales and strengthening emotional contact with the brand.


Due to their physical characteristics, flexible packaging has a number of advantages that allow designers and manufacturers to respond more fully to the needs and expectations of consumers, to match their modern lifestyle and values. So, for example, one of the most notable trends of recent times is the need for mobility. The growing pace of life forces consumers to choose products that are convenient enough for consumption, as they say, “on the go.”

Packaging of such products should be easy, ergonomic, and also it could be used on the go again and again. The indisputable advantage of soft packaging is the possibility of its transformation and resizing, which can give the packaging additional functionality. Flexible packaging allows Toronto graphic design companies to design of original cuts, which can include carriers, various dosing valves and other design findings.


“Green trend” is also an incentive for the development of flexible packaging. Personal responsibility of the consumer in matters of ecology and purity becomes an occasion for new communications of brands supporting this movement. Manufacturers use packaging with materials that can be recycled, as well as decomposing materials. This can be an additional competitive advantage and increase the value of the brand.

We use this advantage in concepts, in order to emphasize the social responsibility of brands and to convey to the consumer the opportunity to also join this trend. In the design for this, both the general style of the concept, graphic techniques, and special stamps and texts that emphasize the advantage of such a package are responsible.

In the format of flexible packaging, one of the solutions that meet the environmental sustainability trend is successfully implemented.

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It is a package with an additional purpose, which acquires a “second life” in the life space of the buyer, thus reducing the amount of garbage. Such a solution has obvious benefits for both the buyer and the manufacturer / owner of the brand. The manufacturer, on his part, increasing the service life of the package allows to prolong communication with the consumer. And the buyer, in turn, gets added value in the form of additional packaging functions.


For example, when developing the design of baby snack packaging, designers placed fragments of the game on the back of the cardboard package.

For us as Toronto graphic design companies, flexible packaging is the format that allows us to realize a wide range of communication tasks at a high level. In terms of filing graphics and expanding the functionality today, flexible packaging is not inferior, and even in some ways surpasses the rigid packaging.

The whole surface of the package is available for printing, which means that designers can distribute graphics according to the given communication priorities: there is room for additional information, diagrams, icons, marketing texts.


For example, when Toronto graphic design companies are developing the packaging of a line of loose seasonings, we place not only information about the composition, but also recipes for preparing dishes with this seasoning, accompanied by appetizing photos.

In case of working with a material such as a film, another advantage and an additional opportunity for communication with the consumer is selective transparency. Leaving aside the place for unprinted transparent areas – “windows” in the packaging design – we respond to the current consumer request: the desire to see how the product looks. Working with the packaging of such products as cheese, where it is important to show porosity, texture, coloгr, we build a design solution using a transparent window, because many consumers identify the cheese variety not so much by the name of the variety, but primarily by appearance and by Rigidity, which allows you to determine the flexible packaging with transparency windows.

In conclusion, I would like to note once again that the rapid development of the flexible packaging market creates new ample opportunities for manufacturers and Toronto graphic design companies, allowing them to more fully respond to the current needs of customers. In our work, we create solutions that meet the following trends: the need for savings and the expectation of value added, the need for individualization, taking care of the environment and demanding greater openness of producers, compliance with mobile lifestyle.

The advantages of flexible packaging are also economical, and at the same time high visual appeal, the ability to create original communication solutions, including the creation of a unique form and appearance of packaging, expansion of functionality. As one of the leading Toronto graphic design companies we’re happy to offer a product packaging design for all clients in Toronto as well as Canada wide. To discuss your project or obtain ask one of the best Toronto graphic designs companies for a quote simply contact us and one of our graphic design experts in Toronto will talk to you or simply DM us on Arctic Designs Instagram.

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