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October 13, 2017
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Tech startup logo design Toronto

Tech startup logo design Toronto is the symbol that is displayed on all products, advertising, packaging, websites, documentation and branded products. Brand marks are adorned on the walls of offices, on the facades of company headquarters, respectively, the logo should look attractive, grab attention, and instantly be recognized. Creating a logo for companies that deal with technological developments, has its own special trends and requirements.

tech startup logo design toronto

Among them are the following:


Laconic design approach

Make your logo as simple as possible. This advice is universal for all the logos of the technology industry, because minimalism in this case is not just a tribute to fashion, but an essential component of successful branding and the possibilities of using the logo.

In order to be able to engrave your brand name on the product, it should look good when using only two colors, and also be adaptive enough to fit on small headphones, and on a large banner.

The simpler your logo, the easier it will be deposited in the subconscious of your potential client. It is not necessary to use sophisticated algorithms or detailed images of microcircuits: most likely such decision will cause bewilderment from users unfamiliar with technologies.

tech startup logo design toronto

The original tech startup logo design Toronto

Be inspired by the ideas of your competitors in order to develop an original logo. Before ordering the development of the logo, learn the main trends and ideas that are present in the market of your industry. In your design, try to avoid too obvious cliches and rasterized images, trends.

Another form, color, font, composition of your design is a good alternative if you still decide to choose a classical idea or a popular object.

tech startup logo design toronto

Logo design memorability

What do all the logos of well-known computer manufacturing companies have in common? Of course, recognition and uniqueness. Despite the fact that often as a brand name of a technology company is a monogram or logo-name, each brand image perfectly reflects the character and company features of the company, thereby creating a unique image.

tech startup logo design toronto

Building a brand

Since the logo primarily represents your company on the market, it must be easily transferable to any material and any environment of the real or virtual world. The recognition and idea of ​​your brand name should not suffer from the fact that it is located on a small chip, or on the icon of a mobile application.

You should also consider the color and monochrome variations of your logo, or you can only stop on a monochrome version, determine if your brand name looks good in an inverse version, and perhaps develop an animated variation for use in the virtual sphere, such as program interface elements, banners on websites and animated advertising.

Print quality should not seriously affect the recognition of your company’s logo, just like printing on easily distorted materials, such as plastic bags and fabric.

tech startup logo design toronto

Selecting an icon

Your symbol can be an object that is directly related to the technology sphere, and absolutely not related to it. The key criteria in this situation are laconism, expressiveness and recognizability, everything else is limited only by your imagination. Tech startup logo design Toronto is by far the most popular service which we are asked to help our clients with. If you’re looking for a professional logo design company in Toronto or branding design artists, we’ll be able to help you. Contact us for all of your questions and if you’re looking for more of our work, simply visit our Instagram page to find out more about our projects, lifestyle and approach.

tech startup logo design toronto

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