Why do business must have a solid branding design

June 19, 2017
June 19, 2017 admin

Why do business must have a solid branding design?

We noticed the growing demand for consumer branding design services from companies that have recently realized the need to find their own “face” and create “selling” packaging. These are young entrepreneurs, or regional companies that enter a broader market, as well as companies from other business areas who see themselves as prospects in the consumer goods market.

Such companies come to us with the tasks of developing a visual image of a trademark or packaging design. And the question of the availability of a ready-made branding design or the need to create it by our specialists sometimes sounds unexpected to them. We would like, in an accessible form, to help our clients understand what the branding design is solving. The definitions, essence, methodology and stages of development of the brand strategy are not considered in this article.

Honest conversation

Work on the branding design and brand strategy is an excuse for “honest conversation”, inside the company and with the agency’s specialists. The ability to critically look at the advantages and disadvantages of your product / brand, assess its position relative to competitors. Assess its attractiveness to the market and target audiences. Correct your understanding of the “truth about the product”, which must be communicated to people. It is possible to identify areas for adjusting the product offer.

Creative branding design

Branding Design is your “card”. With the indication of the destination (the desired place of the brand – in the market and in the minds of people), the route (a set of solutions of tools to achieve the goal) and with “control issues”. It captures the objectives and direction of development for a given period, offers tools to achieve goals and criteria for evaluating other alternative tools that you can choose in the future.


This is an opportunity to structure information, highlight the main thing. Identify to whom and why we are addressing. To formulate the brand proposal is the priority thought that should be perceived by the audience as a result of contact with your brand and will shape its sustainable perception. Regardless of whether it is contact with the packaging or, for example, with the mobile application. Define the arguments that make this idea consistent, and the auxiliary attributes that will help in the formation of the desired image.

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Optimization of efforts and costs

Acting in accordance with the adopted strategy, you ensure the focus and consistency of your communication efforts, do not allow the “dissipation” of resources to non-core channels, secondary messages or to unpromising audiences. This is effective both from the point of view of the efforts made and the optimization of costs. An experienced branding agency Toronto can determine reasonable timeline for each of the project’s steps to make sure it’s all done in an efficient and professional manner.

Application instructions

The branding strategy, shifted to a more concise form of the creative brief, is a detailed instruction for implementing brand promotion plans for your employees, partners and performers. It not only sets the right direction of work, but also offers criteria for assessing its quality. Having on hand an approved branding design and creative brief, specialists – packaging designers, website developers, sales promotion specialists, etc., first, clearly understand what they want, and secondly have a better chance to offer you exactly that result Works that you are waiting for. And you have clear parameters for its evaluation and reasoning.

We wish you good luck! We are always ready to personally help with the answers to the necessary questions and discuss your goals. Feel free to contact us or DM us on our Instagram @arctic_designs_canada

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