7 Tips from a branding company Toronto

October 17, 2017
October 17, 2017 admin

7 Tips from a branding company Toronto you should about company rebranding

The prospect of rebranding the company can become a convenient moment and a hope for the company’s marketer to restart. But it can also force other employees to work with the idea of an increasing budget and internal disagreements over colour and wording. If you are instructed to re-brand, before setting the task of a design studio, you should consider considering hiring a professional branding company Toronto.


rebranding branding company toronto

1. Look at your competitors

This is especially important if you are dealing with a competitive market and if you want to stand out. Starting to collect the logos of your competitors, you can often come to the conclusion that within the same sphere often follow a similar style. Do not be afraid to break the trend and back away from accepted concepts to highlight your company and show that you are different. A selection of competitors’ logos will help illustrate your design studio exactly what you do not want, and how your brand should fit into the overall landscape. This process should help to open your new branding from within and insure you to your managers and employees, especially if you have chosen a bold design.

rebranding branding company toronto

2. Who will do the redesign?

If it is an internal department – will it be sufficiently innovative and creative to do what you need? If this is a third-party branding agency, do they fully understand your brand, key message and target market? Depending on who creates your new design, the way will be chosen as instructed. It would be good to hold a meeting to understand that branding company Toronto should know about your current company and your goals.

rebranding branding company toronto

3. Collect everything that is subject to branding.

Before you instruct your team, you need to know how many variations of logo design your branding company in Toronto will need and where they should be used. From the brochure to the business card and the signature under the mail and even on the transport of your company. You must have so many variations and sizes to cover all your needs. You need to understand where you use your logo online – on the site in social media, for example. It will be more effective in terms of time and money spent, providing your designers with all the information you need first to save you from fixes and shipments back and forth.

rebranding branding company toronto

4. Invest in typography

The font that you use can become as important as the logo. Remember Coca-Cola, Disney and even John Lewis’s style example and you’ll see that the font can be unique as a fingerprint. Typography is an art in itself, but unfortunately in modern design it is often overlooked. To create something truly unique, involve a specialist in typography. As per latest trends, pretty much any creative branding company Toronto should have multiple lettering logos

rebranding branding company toronto

5. Avoid using stock photos where possible.

You are preparing promotional materials and a website, nothing looks so pale and boring as stock pictures and photos. If possible, include the help of a graphic designer in the list to create a custom design, only so you can get an individual and unique design.

rebranding branding company toronto

6. What should branding company Toronto leave?

Often marketers understand “rebranding” as the creation of something completely new, different, yet it can be the evolution of the brand. If you have an absolutely successful brand, it would be foolish to get rid of those aspects of the brand that your customers or shareholders like. This primarily applies to historical or traditional brands. To build a brand is to create a clear image of your company, which can consist in visualizing a brand, a certain color or slogan. This is the best way to keep the brand identity and simultaneously move in the modern world.

rebranding branding company toronto

7. Please, be original

So many logos and brands that it’s easy to get lost among what is expected and usually. The most important purpose of branding is to make your company recognizable and memorable. Therefore, it is vital that you are original and inspired by your branding. Check out more of our works by visiting our portfolio page or check our Instagram profile for more of our work.


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