Logo Design Trends for 2017

June 15, 2017
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Logo Design Trends 2017

The design is changeable. It develops constantly, new logo design trends appear every year, new styles are being developed. And this concerns not only clothing fashion, but also fashion among graphic design companies in Toronto. Our graphic designers analyzed the logo design trends of 2016 and presented their vision of what will be popular through this year.



The main idea of ​​this style is to get rid of everything superfluous and leave only the most necessary. Minimalism has been popular for several years and, in our opinion, will not lose its position in 2017. The simplification of forms, the minimum of colours and effects, the correct arrangement of accents – this is what allows the logo to be modern and use it on various media and platforms. Rebranding of well-known companies that have simplified their logos, only confirms the popularity of this logo design trends.
logo design trends

Letter stacking

The creation of a logo from text strings is another simple way to create a visually pleasing and rather original composition. Style “letter stacking” is used when designers need to briefly and concisely place on the logo a long text. In this case, the direction of the text can be both horizontal and vertical, often with the use of additional graphic elements. Following these logo design trends attract attention, and block layout makes reading slowly and carefully. This trend arose in 2016 and for sure its popularity will be quite high in 2017.
logo design trends

Text Logos

Classic text logo design trends will always be actual and surprisingly effective, as today such powerful brands as Sony, Coca-Cola, Asus, IBM and many others successfully demonstrate. In 2016, the attention of designers focused on the use of different fonts with the addition of simple effects: styling part of the inscription, increasing or decreasing the kerning, a combination of styles (especially handwritten).
logo design trends


Logotypes made in the style of lettering look incredibly exquisite. Of course, this method can not be called completely innovative, but for some categories of companies and institutions it fits best. Lettering usually takes up hotels, cafes and restaurants, giving its identity a more refined and professionalism. Due to its win-win, this type of typography will remain relevant in 2017 as well.
logo design trends

Flat Design

Like minimalism, this style is quite popular due to its purity and aesthetics without unreasonable complications. Please note that flat design inspires a sense of clarity and convenience. Minimalistic and accurate visual solutions instead of three-dimensional objects with textures, shadows and gradients is an excellent example of simple but effective logos.

logo design trends

Gradient Stylining

Given the popularity of simplicity, the gradient had to give up its position. However, many companies, including Apple, provided him with a successful comeback. But it should be noted that the use of a gradient in graphic design has undergone significant changes. The basic idea of ​​applying this style today is in the same simplicity. If earlier the riot of colours and shades, bold combinations was the main way of giving depth and volume, now with the same purpose muffled tones, palettes of flat and material design are used.
logo design trends

Line Art

Minimalism is one of the most multifaceted logo design trends. One of its manifestations – simple illustrations, which are so fond of the designers of icons and logos. Especially such a very courageous reception as the online art. His idea is to create consistent images with a continuous line of one color, most often dark shades. By the way, this is a great way to combine text and picture into a single whole.
logo design trends

Stenciled Typography

Typography “under the stencil” looks very attractive on the logo. In addition, there are so many variations on the subject that it is not difficult to find a way to apply this method in your field. The visual hierarchy makes the logo memorable, so many designers will probably continue to use the stencil printer in the coming year.
logo design trends

Black and White Style

One of the most non-standard approaches in graphic design is the use of only two colours – black and white. Such logo design trends are any typeface, supplemented by various geometric figures. Designers have always experimented with the color component of the logo design but now we see a trend in which the entire spectrum of colours is missing at all. Therefore, many seek to create something unique in its framework – to convey the philosophy of the brand through the logo can be and without the use of a palette of colours.
logo design trends

Overlapping Gradients

Another trend that is associated with the gradient and was actively used in 2016. Its essence lies in the use of simple geometric forms, which, intersecting with each other, create a unique and unique style. The imposition, as a design technique, was born relatively recently and was used mainly to create logos in the form of various animals. But over time, the range of applications has expanded and been recognized by the world-famous companies. Recall the updated logo of the payment system Mastercard – a team of designers from Pentagram breathed new life into it, refusing to use shadows in the title and removing the font from the main image which is a great example of application of latest logo design trends and especially overlapping colours approach. In the end, we got a simple and memorable logo. Overlapping Gradients is developing confidently, only gaining momentum. Therefore, you can safely expect that next year it will become one of the most popular areas in graphic design.
logo design trends

Geometric Figures

Geometric theme is in demand for design not for the first ten years and in 2017 simple figures will still remain fertile soil for reflection in the field of branding. Designers still manage to create stylish and, at the same time, unique logos using simple geometric shapes.
logo design trends

Text in Frame

Adding text to the frame of any shape: rectangle, circle, triangle, etc., allows you to focus on the company name, the text component of the logo. A simple but effective way to create an attractive logo.
logo design trends

Handmade Logo Designs

Compositions, imitating hand-drawn images and elements, will certainly remain trendy in 2017 as well. Creating a logo “by hand”, you can achieve a variety of effects, including styling for vintage, grunge or children’s drawing. Of course, the main advantage of this approach is 100% uniqueness and, accordingly, brand recognition.
logo design trends

Negative Space Design

Negative space will continue to surprise us. Design is what you first see, but once the design speaks to you, you understand what. That’s how it works. If your design is able to convey more than it seems at first glance, then it becomes much more special. For this reason, the negative space will continue to exist, in order to attract even more willing to study the depth of this trend in design.
logo design trends

Of course, all the techniques described above are assumptions based on the trends of 2016. Designers in 2017 will surely please us with new ideas and improved already existing logo design trends. Create, create and keep creating your perfect logo! How to know, suddenly you will become the legislator of a new  trend or even a bunch of modern logo design trends. We’re always happy to discuss what do you think about current logo design trends so feel free to join our discussion and stay updated on the latest trends and our project by following our profile on Instagram – @arctic_designs_canada


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