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The strongest logos tell simple stories.

Logo design is the most important stage in the creation of corporate identity. The logo is a fundamental part of any branding project and its quality directly affects future brand development. The logo design Toronto is a core part of any corporate identity of a company or a brand. A well-designed logo allows us to identify and outline your company from your competitors, create the right image of the company in the eyes of your potential consumers. We truly believe that a logo design process is very important to establish a proper consumer loyalty level as every company has a logo designed… a few of them are designed well. We’ll make yours stand out!

Main elements of a great logo design

A poor logo doesn’t mean a business will fail, and a great logo doesn’t mean it will succeed – it just helps. Our logos are something that people recognize instantly and relate to.

Logo Concept

Logo design Toronto process for future use and trademarking begins with the creation of a concept – the general idea, which is closely related to the positioning of the brand on the market, reflects its strengths and character, unique selling propositions and philosophy.

Unique Design

The high-quality logo design process is based on a combination of unique style elements – graphics, colours, fonts and icons which leads to brand awareness and rapid identification of its characteristics, services and/or products offered.

Design Consistency

During logo design Toronto and corporate identity creation, it’s most important to keep an aspect of a clear structure, which includes the constant branding elements – logo, colours, fonts, and minor elements – patterns, illustration, layout.

Logo Adaptability

Design of corporate identity as well as logo design should be easy to adapt to various media, whether it is a business card, billboard or any digital application. The system of brand identity must be prescribed by its rules to adapt any branding element that will allow it to evolve and grow without losing its recognition.

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Logo design is the 1st step to awesome branding.

The importance of the brand’s logo design shouldn’t be explained as it probably says all about itself. I would like to dwell in more detail on the order of development and some main sections. Of course, not all sections of the logo design will be useful for you.

The need for a certain element of a brand’s logo is dictated by the type of activity of the company and the tactics of its promotion in the market. So, what is the order of creating a creative logo? As a rule, we rely on the logo, font and colour combinations. A technical task is necessarily created, indicating your wishes and the list of necessary elements.

Before we start working on the overall corporate style of the company, we create the base: logo, font and colour scheme of the future brand. We usually offer anywhere around 5-8 different logo examples so you can select the best one you like. Once we confirmed the most preferred version we’ll be able to adjust it for your needs to make it look perfect.

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How much does logo design cost in Toronto?

Brand identity creation and especially a logo design is an individual process for each client. The cost of designing a logo depends on the challenges, objectives and amount of initial designs that you would like to evaluate, and is determined on the basis of terms of reference. Our logo design company Toronto also offers a comprehensive service when it comes to logo design and complete branding.

It’s simply impossible to get a great logo for cheap or even free as this is an intense mental work, which is much more serious than just an ability to draw. By buying a logo design from our logo design company Toronto you’re getting a collaboration between our graphic designers, analytical team, marketing experts and critical thinking project managers. The work of this team can not cost cheap, however, this all ensures that the final product is delivered on time and makes your business stand out among your competitors. Explore more of our logo design project by following our Instagram account. According to the analytical data, more than 85% of users don’t read the content till that point, but it looks like you’re really interested to get a logo done by us. It will cost you $500 with no hidden fees.

How long does it take to design a logo?

You can order a unique and creative logo design or a complete brand identity package at Arctic Designs, by simply sending a request via our website or give us a call. We guarantee an individual approach to your brand and professional problem solving for the development of corporate identity, logo design or any graphic design project.

It’s simply impossible to create a high-quality logo fast. An actual drawing of the logotype is just a small part of the overall work of our Toronto logo design company. In order for a logo to correspond to all the standards, we should do comprehensive research for your industry, competitor’s research as well as a brainstorm on creative visual elements that deliver the message to your clients. Drafts can take multiple stages before we present them to you. The same rules apply for the final version, it takes time to get used to a new logo both for the designer as well as for you as a business owner. As you can see the whole process of logo design Toronto can’t be completed in a day or two.



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