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June 5, 2017
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June 5, 2017 admin

Logo Design Project for JJ Bullies.


Hello Arctic Nation! We have a new logo design project case study for you this week. We’ll do our best to post a fresh project every Monday, so let’s officially launch a #projectmonday hashtag:)

Anyways we’ve been contacted by Julia back in March 2017 with simple, yet self explanatory task – “We’re a Toronto based American bulldog breeder and we need a kick-ass logo design done for us.” We immediately understood that it’s gonna be a fun project to work on so our designers team jumped on it right away.


Logo Design Objectives:


After having a brief consultation with Julia (in future called JJ Bullieswe’ve got all the information, details about company’s background and an overall message what JJ Bullies want to delivery to their key audience we came up with an overall idea and feel of the future brand and how the future logo should represent it. We came up with the main elements which we thought would be great to have on a logo, they are:


Long story short, it took us around 4 business days to come up with some initial mockups of logo design for JJ Bullies. We tried to come up with multiple designs to let client select how aggressive they want their logo or vice versa, how neutral they want their logo design is. Check them out bellow and feel free to let us know if comments which one you like the most. We’ll also include our final version of the logo at the very bottom so hope you’ll like it as much as we are:


Logo Design Version 1.0

logo design toronto jjbullies 1


Logo Design Version 2.0

logo design toronto jjbullies 2


Logo Design Version 3.0

logo design toronto jjbullies 3


Logo Design Version 4.0

logo design toronto jjbullies 5


Logo Design Version 5.0

logo design toronto jjbullies 4


Final Logo Design Mockup:


After 3 days we’ve got a decision, the most favourite logo version is #4, actually that was the one our team liked the most as well. Aggressive enough to transmit the feel of the company and immediately show what “JJ Bullies” are about and what they do. It will also be easy in future application on print or any other media.

Ok, mockup is approved what’s next? Once we got a green light to proceed with the design it’s a time for a second stage of a logo design process is enhancing it and customizing to give it this ultimate look. First of all we started to think how to incorporate a Toronto symbols into the design to make sure we give this logo a true “The6ix” feel.

We decided to get rid of the line which says “The 6ix Side Bullies” since it may look a bit amateur to the majority of their audience. So we decided to remove it completely and free up some space for something that will represent Toronto based kennel.


Two days later…


As we removed the wording on top, we decided to incorporate an iconic skyline of Toronto clipart into a core part of our logo design. Also we were playing with the fonts to give the logo a bit more personalized look. JJ Bullies were using the font “Priori Acute Serif” in majority of their branding elements so we had nothing but to figure out how to embed it into our logo design. I think it turned out just great, so please have a look  to the final version of the logo design for JJ Bullies:

logo design toronto jj bullies 6


Final touches…


Needless to say that Julia totally felt in love with this logo design however, she had a very small yet very chic suggestion, she wants it in gold… GOLD KARL!  No problem, client’s desire is our priority so we jumped on it and came up with a pretty nice, yet not a vulgar looking version in true gold colour.

So… 7 days later we have a one wicked logo done for our local Toronto business… Arctic Nation – please welcome a new look of “JJ BULLIES”:

logo design jj bullies 8

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