Graphic Design Trends 2017

June 21, 2017
June 21, 2017 admin

Graphic design trends 2017

As with everything around us graphics has it’s own trends which sometimes is hard to catch if you’re not a professional graphic designer. Radically new graphic design trends appear rarely. Part of the trend of the past remains relevant today. We have compiled a list of those trends in design that are equally suitable for both web design and graphic design trends.

This is not surprising, because digital technology and modern graphic design trends are closely related and affect each other. What is suitable for the web often looks nice in the printing industry.

Line Art

An interesting trend in design and is just creating objects with a single line. As instilled, this monolin, i.e. Line of the same width and same color, often this color is black. The line art trend continues from last year and spread to the creation of drawings, icons and logo design techniques.

Modular templates

Using modular or card templates is a great way to present information efficiently and simply. Modules help organize the content in a user-friendly manner. Presenting content in a card format helps the designer tell a few small stories. In addition, the presentation of information thus remains one of the best patterns for the web, mobile and polygraphy and a good design-reception. The card template is understandable to the user, it is convenient to work with and it is very pleasant to look at. So it’s also one of the most popular graphic design trends so far.

graphic design trends

Letter Stacking

The echo of the general modular (card) template is the arrangement of words or letters with rectangular blocks. This trend is undergoing a rethinking and again becomes popular in design decisions. Not all names and phrases are suitable for such an arrangement, for example, if the name of a brand should be read clearly and quickly, of course, it is better to write it in a simple and understandable way. The block layout will focus the reader’s attention and slow the reading speed.

graphic design trends

Font Emphasis

Simple topography will remain in the trend always, because the font is an important element of the image. The simpler the font, the better the text will be read. Meanwhile, the information on the website or in the brochure will be better conveyed. Font sans-serifs make texts readable and focus the reader’s attention on content and its meaning. Selecting a piece of text or one word with a different color – allows you to focus on the brand name, product, necessary action. This visual technique allows the designer to influence the perception of the image by the viewer and create a visual relationship between the layout elements.

graphic design trends

Bright color schemes

To attract attention and to attach to itself a sight – the bright and sated color easily will cope with such task. In this season, designers use one bright color, several of its shades or two-color schemes. Although designers like to experiment with flowers, an inexcusable mistake for them can be a combination of a large number of bright colors, and in the late 2016 through 2017 is one of the most popular graphic design trends indeed.

graphic design trends


The trend of minimalism and simplicity is firmly entrenched in the design. Minimalism is quite popular and will always be valuable. The audience is impressed by the strict design and the absence of unnecessary elements that draw attention to themselves. But to achieve the absence of these very superfluous elements is a real challenge for the designer.

graphic design trends

Flat design

The simplest graphics and structure, two-dimensional space, complete absence of shadows, gradients and structures – this is a flat design. It is simple, convenient, beautiful and practical. Soft colors in background images, experiments with icons, 2-3 primary colors and no special effects. That’s all the basic principles of flat design.

graphic design trends

Material design

Another one of the main-stream graphic design trends is a feel of manifestation of simplicity and brevity is the material design. This visual style is considered both natural and modern. In material design, there is already light, shadows, perspective and movement. It causes a sense of reality for the user and viewer.

graphic design trends

Large background images and videos

Another trend in graphic and web design is the huge background images. They attract and hold the attention of the audience. They bring to the design something massive and add epic to the works. Using a background image or video in web design is impressive to the user. Examples of successful use of this graphic design trends and particularly large image or background looped video on the site are often found, which tells us about the benefits and efficiency of taking large images in the form of a background.

graphic design trends

Hand made effect

Illustrations that imitate manually drawn pictures and elements again in a trend. Many people still love the attractive appearance of hand-written fonts and logos. This hand-drawn style still appeals to users, so it’s among the graphic design trends. Beautifully drawn openwork elements of the logo, pictures or font will not leave indifferent the audience and create the impression of lightness and weightlessness.

graphic design trends

Unique illustrations and icons

Everyone is striving for uniqueness. To be like everyone else is a bad tone. Already no one uses the standard pictures and buttons and they are out of the major graphic design trends for sure but, twin-sites are sufficient, and photos and images of stock exchanges are replicated very quickly. Customers have stopped offering such options. Now all the elements or a significant part of them are created and drawn by the designers under the order and thereby create the originality of the layout.

graphic design trends

“Graphic design trends will save the world right after rock and roll does.”  – David Carson

Here are just some of the graphic design trends we noticed through the 2017 and majority of them will be actual in 2018 so if you want to be on the edge it’s extremely important to hire a professional graphic design Toronto company for all of your projects. Feel free to contact us for all of your questions or simply DM us on our Instagram

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