6 Steps to creative business card design

August 14, 2017
August 14, 2017 admin

6 Steps to achieve creative business card design Toronto

The first impressions remain in the memory for a long time, and you have only a few seconds to be noted in the minds of your potential client or business partner. In order to do this, you can order a creative business card design Toronto that, besides the first impression, also leaves a great way to contact you in case of an unexpected meeting of someone whose contacts you might need in the future. So, what does it take to become the owner of unique business card design?

creative business card design

Decide on the concept of business card design

To make a cool business card design, you must first think over what your card should transfer. Your used colours, textures and inscriptions reflect the quality of your company. Everything should match your overall corporate style and define your company. If your company is engaged exclusively in a strict business, the price of a business card design with bright curls and decorative elements will not justify itself. Business style is best matched by minimalist design, elegant classic fonts and calm colours. If your brand is modern and innovative, the development of a creative business card with rich colours, shapes, and, perhaps, a share of humour will perfectly emphasize your concept.

creative business card design

Decide on the main parameters of business cards

The most common format of business cards is 85 by 55 mm. Of course, you can make a card of a different size, but at the same time the price of a business card’s design will increase, and the likelihood that your card will be inconvenient to store.

In fact, this is what side you should turn your card. Landscape orientation – is a more traditional and popular option. Such a business card is easy to read, but is less creative than other possible text layouts.

Business cards of this turn look more elegant and creative than landscape ones, that is why their popularity has increased significantly in recent years, which, however, does not prevent such cards from being made out among others.

Perhaps, when you decide to order a modern business card design, you will stop on a unique form as a marketing move. In the case of professional development, before making an order, you should find out how much it costs to design the business card of the form you want to see, because not every print centre prints such cards. If you still choose an unusual shape, this will definitely set you apart from the sea of ​​ordinary rectangles.

Most of the business cards are made from paper, whereas there are many options: from plastic to wood and metal. Of course, most likely it is worthwhile to stop all the same on paper, as this is the most practical material for the production of any printed product, and, moreover, the most inexpensive, which is important for handouts. Paper has different parameters: density, coating, colour. In order to make a decision, you can see examples of the basics for business cards.

creative business card design

Select basic card design parameters

Use colours that blend well with each other and match your brand.
If you are concerned about how much the design of your business card costs, and your budget does not allow you to print a large full-colour batch of cards, there is always a one- and two-colour printing option, which in fact only reduces the space for creativity for a small fraction.

Perhaps the choice of a font for your business card is one of the fundamental parameters.
Pay attention to the following points:
– to be readable, the font must be less than 8 pins
– fonts with serifs look more classical, and grotesque letters – more modern
– since creative business card design Toronto have a small format, it is best to avoid handwritten and decorative fonts in the main text.

creative business card design

Put the necessary information in the right place

Business cards are a thing that is usually in the creative business card design toronto, accordingly, all basic information should be placed on the front side of the card. What should I put on the front of the business card?

Contact name
Name of your company
Your contact information: phone number, email, website, or any other way to contact
Your brand’s logo
Address of your company (if this information is necessary)

What to put on the back of your business card? On the back of the card you can give free rein to your fantasy. Once in the hands of your potential client or business partner, before you fit into the business card, the card has the opportunity to make a vivid impression. On the back there can be placed your logo in a large version, a picture, an image, or a map of the passage: everything that characterizes you and may interest you (but not all of them: do not forget that business cards have a small enough size that it is impossible to fit all History of your company, photos of employees and a development plan for the next ten years)

creative business card design

Try to get away from the banal design

For many companies, the biggest problem is the development of a creative business card instead of the usual use of a standard template. Fortunately, there are many options to declare yourself in an unusual and memorable way. Stop your choice on one or two special creative business card design toronto elements, such as, for example, highlighting shiny details.

Special coating – The use of special coatings, such as metallic ink, foil, ultraviolet coating can help you to highlight your business card without relieving its classic minimalist look.

Cut out details, embossing, folded cards – Laser cutting, clipping and press can create a special texture of your business card. This solution makes the business card unusual to the touch and look, thus showing that your company is also special. Folding cards, in addition to being nonstandard in themselves, allow placing more information on them.

Use of special materials – Cards made from wood, plastic or metal are likely to be kept permanently, unlike standard cardboard. The problem with these materials is that for printing this design you need to specifically look for where you can make similar business cards. If you stopped on plastic, you need to define also this transparency and surface: it can be both glossy and corrugated.

Creative approach – If this is suitable for your business, you can stop at an absolutely non-standard solution for your business cards. Below are a few examples of such developments:

creative business card design

Prepare your card for printing

Before you start your creative business card design Toronto in print, it is worth many times to double-check all the details and colours. It is best to assign this task to professionals: in this way you will be able to accurately be sure of the final result. Preparing the card for printing, you need to take into account such moments as the format in which the file is saved, the resolution of images, the size and placement of the text, the indents from the edges of the card.

Business cards look professional and stylish, but what are other arguments for using them, considering that most of the business cards are thrown out almost immediately upon receipt? Firstly, a business card is a personal way of communication, which plays very much in the hands of people in the era of Internet communication. Secondly, a business card can be transferred to anyone, thus spreading the information about you and your company. Thirdly, it is much more convenient to take a business card than to write down or remember names and phone numbers.

And, as the final argument, the business card is one of the main elements of the corporate identity that unites all the employees and founders of the company into a single whole. Your creative business card design Toronto demonstrates your face, helps to remember and demonstrate your qualities as a creative company.

To order a creative business card design Toronto, simply contact us today and our graphic design experts will help you.

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