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Naming is one of the most important steps for your brand.

Create business name Toronto is one of the most important steps for every company which aims to make a powerful statement in their industry. Just as a conversation begins with an introduction, so does everything start with a name. To help introduce your brand to the world and lead the conversation in your industry, we put our best talent, 7+ years experience in branding, knowledge of the market and the game – along with great inquisitiveness and ingenuity – at your disposal. They say “as you name the boat, so shall it float.” Besides embodying the essence of your offering and setting up the premise of the brand right at the debut of your business communication, your brand name is also able to define the trajectory of your growth. Think Pampers, and you will immediately see all the soft diapers of the world, no matter their actual name. This is a master name. Think Xerox, and all the stationery machinery in the world starts spitting immaculate paper copies in unison. Or think Blackberry, and you’re reminded of the disruption in the category this high-performing yet oh so user-friendly mobile phone for business users brought about. A name is not a word – it is a statement and an action. And we’re here to equip you for the best move.

4 Naming elements for catchy brand name

Name Value

At Arctic Designs, we identify two main vectors in the approach to naming: brand-centred and consumer-centred. This is not to say the two cannot overlap. However, it is important to understand whether one wishes to say more about the business, product or service – the premise. Or it will speak about the experience and/or value – the promise. In a way, this is the first step to formulating the positioning. Create business name Toronto is an important step for any brand.

The Premise

The premise for the existence of a business is the satisfaction of a particular need. The consumer knows what the need is, so it is an excellent opportunity to tell him how your business is answering it. While create business name Toronto process we’ll work together to identify the unique selling proposition of your offering, which we will then put into word(s) that are most evoking, comprehensive and representative of the offer at hand. Out of this syntax, the name is born

The Promise

This is an experiential approach. After identifying the unique selling proposition one might find out that the focus is rather on the experience or emotion the offering elicits in the consumer. Though more metaphorical in its approach, this route ensures a deeper connection with the consumer. It establishes a direct connection between the offering and a particular phase in the consumer journey which is an important create business name Toronto step. It’s also important that your company name is eligible for registration.

The Result

While crate business name Toronto we do well-executed research and brainstorming phases result in three definite and self-sufficient routes developed by Arctic Designs. Why three? Because we like to play devil’s advocate with ourselves, thus ensuring we explore each and every direction in its entirety and come up with options that bring to life the most valuable perspectives on the life cycle of your brand. After all, it’s important that your name passes unique guidelines for official company name registration.

Need to create a business name? We’ll do it!

We are the experts in naming, thus our service is a finite product you can trust, not a work in progress. And even though the process is a creative work by definition, business naming is a discipline that requires a layer of structure to which we are loyal.

Does the name set your business apart from the competition in an efficient manner?

Does the pronunciation of the name make sense? Can you say it easily? Do you like how it sounds? Are there double readings?

Can you recall the name with no difficulty? Does it sound like something else? Is this a good or bad thing?

Does the name tell a story – your story? Is it congruent with your business purpose?

While size doesn’t matter, harmony does. Does the name look good in print? In any type.

Business name creation process

Create business name Toronto is a sort of “may we are on a first-name basis” with the client and the partners. It is a necessary intimacy. For it to be honest and compelling, it should start with knowledge sharing. In the naming process, we’re your partners and your friends.

The process starts with the briefing where you tell us about your create business name Toronto, product or service – what you put in it and what you expect to get from it. We then take this body of knowledge and weigh it against your intentions and our expertise, against consumer expectations in the industry, and against the competition in the category.

Then we ask questions:
• Do the names in the category have anything in common? Is there a trend? A word or a phrase commonly used?
• Are there any conventions or rules everyone seems to follow? For example, do competitors seem to use one or a few of the same methods or principles (acronyms, compound words, etc.)?
• What emotions or expectations do competitors set or trigger with their names (if any)?
• Which names stick out the most and why.

Brand name for business
Is like a reputation for a person

But most importantly – what we strive for is an impact. While there are plenty of principles and exercises, the bottom line is that your business is out there to make an impact. And it starts with the name. At Arctic Design we are guided by one universal mission – to help you make exactly the statement you want for your audience, in the most convincing and efficient manner – be it visual, sonorous, or experiential. Contact us today for probably the most important introduction of your business to date, since naming as well as branding design is what you need.

The above helps to understand the environment within which the brand is to live and prosper and hence is quintessential in understanding the degree to which the name is to engage or stand out, and the reasoning for it. After this preliminary analysis, creative brainstorming ensues that create business name Toronto goal is achieved.


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