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Such a drink, like coffee, has long been liked by most of the inhabitants of our planet. A daily routine for almost every office worker is a cup of coffee seized on the way to work, another one at lunchtime, and perhaps two. Thanks to this, the coffee industry is developing rapidly, new coffee drinks, new sorts of grain are appearing, and new coffee to go points open almost daily. It’s extremely important to invest in a creative and memorable coffee cups design Toronto to be able to deliver your brand message even through the simple, yet elegant coffee cup design.

If ten years ago the basic cup of coffee was a classic cup, now one-time paper cups for taking out coffee are used even as dishes in the café premises themselves. Among the abundance of various coffee houses, you need to make a lot of effort in order to remember and attract a certain client.

The unusual and attractive design of the cups is one of the working tools for achieving this goal. The development of the design of branded cups will help your institution to emphasize its corporate identity, perhaps to bring a smile to the faces of customers, and even simplify the mechanism of serving drinks.

Naturally, if your coffee is sold in faceless, standard disposable cups, you will significantly reduce the potential power of branding, because the glass is seen not only by the person who buys coffee, but also by all passers-by who pay attention to the design of the glasses.

coffee cups design toronto

What are the features that need to be taken into account when ordering the design of glasses?

Coffee cup material

Conventional paper single-walled cups, kraft-cardboard, ribbed surface, double-walled cup: before you order the design, you need to decide what material and structure of the cup you prefer. Printing on a structured and classic cup is fundamentally different both in price and in terms of image transmission capabilities. The surface of a paper cup can be matte or glossy.

coffee cups design toronto

Components of the coffee cup design

In addition to the paper cup itself, a thermo-belt is needed to deliver coffee to takeaway, which will protect the buyer’s hands from the heat, and the lid. Thermopoils, as well as cups, can be of various shapes and materials, but most often they use either glued or “lock” versions, and corrugated or double-layered kraft paperboard. Covers are usually made of plastic of various shapes and colours. It’s important to consider all elements of coffee cups design Toronto.

coffee cups design toronto

Coffee cup branding ideas

There are several options for branding cups: the use of full-colour printing on the entire surface, the placement of only the logo or logo on the cup, the use of branded stickers, the development of the design of a stamp or seal placed on a cup, or a coffee cups design Toronto exclusively of a thermopow. All these features differ in both the cost and the effect produced by the potential buyer.

Elements you should include

When designing the design of disposable cups, think about placing such items on your cup:

• Logo of your brand
• Volume or name of the drink
• Place for signing (if you use the service of name orders)
• Illustrations
• Patterns
• Photo

coffee cups design toronto

How to achieve a unique coffee cups design Toronto?

When you want to order the design of cups, you naturally want to get the most revenue after branding the cups. Accordingly, your design should be original and recognizable.

To do this, it is necessary to consider several key points:

• Colour palette of a glass should correspond to the general colour decision of your institution, and not be beaten out of it

• Use of typical coffee-brown and white colours, as well as monotonous-red is undesirable if you want to create a design that will distinguish you from competitors

• The image of a cup of coffee is too typical of this design.

• Avoid commonly used motivating phrases and expressions that are present in the design of virtually every coffee house

• Focus on your target audience and the format of your institution

• Correctly prioritize, determine what is most important for your coffee shop. This can be the speed of service, friendly service, the quality of the drink, or a pleasant pricing policy.

coffee cups design toronto

And finally: to ensure that the coffee cups design Toronto plays into your hands, make it not just an element of branding, but also a marketing tool. Do not be afraid to change your design depending on the season, holidays or special events. A good idea is also to create and use several alternative coffee cups design Toronto options in order to make the purchase of your drink as interesting as possible. We’ll be happy to discuss all of your branding design needs and create a professional, memorable coffee cups design Toronto. Simply our branding design team to kickoff your project!

coffee cups design toronto

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