How to choose your logo design colours

August 22, 2017
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How to select your logo design colours and how they’ll reflect your brand’s identity.

The choice of logo design colours is one of the most important decisions that you have to take in order to create a company logo. The cost of the logo in the marketing strategy is extremely high, as the company’s logo can highlight your company and attract new customers, or, on the contrary, push it away.

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What are the strongest sides of your brand?

No one knows your business, its merits and qualities are better than you. Accordingly, when the logo is being developed, it is you who decide what it should reflect. Before choosing a logo design colours scheme and making a logo, think about what message you want to convey to your potential customers.

First of all, think about the personality of your brand. What distinguishes your company from similar ones? What are her most outstanding qualities? For example, the development of the logo in blue tones will show the stability and calm of your brand, and in the red – the energy and courage. Naturally, the corporation for the production of auto parts can not have the same color solution as the toy store.

In order to understand what tones are worth using, when you started creating a logo, we suggest that you study the common features of brand names using a certain logo design colours range.

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What does each colour mean for consumers?



If your brand is suitable for such characteristics as enthusiasm, passion and aggression, then creating a company logo in red shades is the best choice. Loud, modern, youthful, provocative – all this is red. If your company is more serious, mature or serious, you should consider choosing a different logo design colours.

red logo design colours


This colour is energetic, playful, positive. Creating a logo in orange will provide you with brightness and uniqueness, due to the fact that it is less used than red, but carries the same charge of emotion and energy.

orange logo design colours


If the main features of your company are friendliness, positive, youth-oriented, and you chose the yellow-consider, the cost of the logo has already paid for itself. As a corporate colour, yellow radiates sunshine and kindness, and positions itself as a low-cost one.

yellow logo design colours


This colour is not directly related to character traits, but has clear cultural associations. Without a doubt, this colour scheme evokes thoughts about nature, ecology, organic and gardening. Also, green is a classic colour for the financial sector, in particular, banks.

green logo design colours


Eternal classic, blue logo design colours appear in more than half of all existing company’s logos. Symbolizes traditions, maturity, tranquility and trust. If you choose blue, your company will be perceived as serious.

blue logo design colours


The first association that arises in the majority who see this colour is uniqueness and laxtery – the brand’s orientation. Colour is more feminine than masculine, so before using it, analyze the gender composition of your target audience.

purple logo design colours


No other colour can compare with pink when it comes to “girlish” colours. The logo of your company will look great in this color if you are engaged in goods for children, dresses, home textiles or decor: pink colour in all its shades from pastel to bright neon will give your brand a feeling of comfort, youth, modernity and femininity.

pink logo design colours


What can a brown logo design colours give to your brand? The main features are masculinity, calmness, naturalness, comfort and seriousness. This colour is rarely used in company logos, so if it suits your specifications, feel free to choose brown without fear of dissolving in many identical logo design colours.

brown logo design colours


Classics, modernity, elegance, fashion – all this is black. An excellent choice for luxury brands. If your brand positions itself as inexpensive, it is better to avoid dark logo design colours.

black logo design colours


White colour is, more likely, absence of colour. It works best as a secondary complementary colour, and is suitable for the logo of any brand.

white logo design colours


Not light and not dark, this colour is neutral, classical, serious and mature. Dark grey are associated with mystery.

grey logo design colours

You can always choose multiple logo design colours.

If you want to show the versatility of your brand, the right way is to use different logo design colours. Monochrome colour scale enhances the impression of a certain colour. The combination of different logo design colours helps to create a potential buyer’s full image of your company, depending on the proportional ratio of the colours used.

Do not be afraid to experiment when choosing logo design colours for the company logo. Try several colour solutions of the same image to determine exactly which gamut suits you best. Sometimes, the most successful solution is to look at the logos of your competitors, and make a choice in favour of a fundamentally different logo design colours scheme – this will help you stand out against their background.

multi logo design colours

If you’re still debating on your logo’s colours our creative logo design company Toronto will be able to advise you and create one for your brand. Simply contact us via website or check out and DM us on our Instagram.

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