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July 12, 2018
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How not to get lost in a field of weed or cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, and it is here to stay – marijuana is now officially legal across entire Canada. Besides 420-infused celebrations and high aspirations, this is a new age for the entire culture of cannabis in Canada and Toronto specifically, as it marks a new era in the commercialization of this happy herb. That’s why we predict a huge wave of cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto needs, so here is a quick brief if you decide to pull a trigger and go ahead with cannabis branding for your next venture.

cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto

As most of us are looking forward to the freedom of shopping for cannabis and its derivatives, so will most entrepreneurial minds anticipate these needs and desires by launching a vast variety (we hope!) of marijuana stores and dispensaries across Toronto. But by mean of mere empirical observation, mom and pop approach to cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto is omnipresent and creates an environment not yet characterized by originality. Watch out – heightened chances of 5-leafed signs appearing all across the country! So how do you make your cannabis dispensary stand out? You guessed it – with a unique marijuana store branding.

It is more than just weed

Of course, the plant’s beautiful leaf has long ago become iconic. But its shape entices so much more than just the mere process and effect of its consumption. Weed has come to signify an entire movement, a state of mind and a style of living – and the forecasted appearance of even more point of sales marks an advancement in this cultural phenomenon. Freedom, emancipation, calm, friendship, comradery – all these marijuana-inspired concepts are all the more worthy to be explored in your cannabis store branding design. Let your Toronto marijuana dispensary branding be the medium for marijuana’s message!


Monograms are probably the most trust-inspiring and popular design methods, and rightly so. Besides the suggestive nature of this branding device, such an approach may also prove to be very playful, should you want it. Or, on the other hand, it may lure the audience in with its sober look and disengaged identity, thus empowering consumers to build their own story behind the apparently sterile cannabis store branding design. After all, the product here speaks for itself, innit?!

cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto

So kush and so clean

Modern trends, pretty much like the kush lifestyle itself, are all about minimalism and taking it easy. Clean lines, negative spaces, air and bold accents give room for the most beautiful cannabis-driven fantasies to transpire, without overbearing. Isn’t it in the very essence of this coming of age story of marijuana becoming legal to promote freedom of expression, as well as an impression? No consumer of cannabis needs to be convinced to buy marijuana, but rather – your marijuana store logo design must tell the story of a superior offering and choice. And to do so one must employ a professional approach to cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto and package design. Why not give this lifestyle a proper style?

cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto

Fun, fun and funniest cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto

Now, this wouldn’t be our friend Mary Jane if she didn’t make our days more fun. And sometimes all it takes to be successful is the ability to bring a smile to people’s faces. Humour in irony in design is one of the highest forms of arts as it truly brings businesses closer to consumers on a very personal emotional level. And what could be more personal than being able to offer your prospective customers the pleasure and benefits of the magic weed. Puns, word plays, juxtaposition, graphic metaphors, etc. – cannabis branding design is probably first and foremost area of the design suitable for experimenting with all the aforementioned. Why so serious?

cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto


Though our attitude towards cannabis tends towards inclusion, every touchpoint is an individual one. Transform your cannabis dispensary branding into a storytelling device and give your business a life in the minds of consumers by engaging them in a story they all want to follow and be a part of. Be it a dream of your own, a person, a friendship you cherish or an anecdote from the past, all these can become the driving insight of your entire marijuana store branding identity that can go on for years.
But you know what they say – rules are made to be broken. Though our aim is to provide inspiration and guidance, only you know what you want your future cannabis dispensary logo design Toronto to be. And we are here to make it come to life. Equipped with superior specialists in branding, design and storytelling, as well as cause enthusiasts, our agency is eager to embark on the journey of bringing your marijuana dispensary branding idea to life in a unique and personal way. The expertise and experience on the market, combined with an open mind and enlarged horizons, make us confident in guaranteeing you the fittest solution for your cannabis business dream. And who would’ve thought we would live to see the day when marijuana makes its way in business plans, design briefs and creative pitches?! Feeling inspired? Then give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of your logo design and marijuana branding needs.

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