2017 Business Card Design Toronto Trends

July 26, 2017
July 26, 2017 admin

Business card design Toronto trends

A business card is not just a piece of cardboard on which your contact phone number is listed. Beautiful business card design Toronto is the face of your company, the ability to make the right first impression, the element of advertising and the way in which you will be associated when you need to find your contacts. A business card in the modern world is a fundamentally important element of a corporate identity, without which no self-respecting company can.

Why it’s important to invest in business card design?

First of all a business card encourages a potential customer to take a specific action: go to the site, or call the phone number indicated on the card. Naturally, if the business card is visually pleasing, it will attract more interest from the client. Secondly, a boring card runs the risk of being lost in a purse or thrown into the nearest trash because of the lack of artistic value. If your business card looks stylish, it is likely to last for a much longer period.

business card design toronto

Major business card design Toronto trends:


• Minimalism design

Minimalism is our everything. A dense white background with a thick, perhaps hand-written font, typographic solutions, a bright nuance composition in combination with thick cardboard and rounded corners is an excellent solution that will save your company from the chance to get lost among colourful cards.

business card design toronto

• Double sided business card design

Often in the design of business cards, the reverse side is left empty, or simply filled with a picture that does not carry any information. Currently, the placement on the back of the corporate logo, the map of passage, the pattern made in brand colours is popular. The filled bright backside perfectly combines with the minimalistic white face, creating an interesting contrast.

business card design toronto

• Variety of shapes

Until now, almost all business cards of companies had the same rectangular shape. But on the street in 2017, and progress does not stand still! New printing capabilities allow you to create a business card design of any shape: it can be the silhouette of your brand name, the form that displays the direction of business, or just a geometric figure. Unusual form of the card will uniquely make your business card unique and memorable.

business card design toronto

• Using textures and stamping

Starting from the classic stamping, finishing with cut-out elements and foil coating: all this will help to add a certain zest to your business card.

• High quality materials and printing quality

It is better to print fewer quality cards than a mountain of cheap paper. Even the most professional design will look simple, being printed on poor quality paper. In order to provide a good first impression of getting to know you and your visiting card as your representative, it is necessary that the business card is pleasant to hold in your hands, and at first glance and touch it was clear that you are careful about the little things, and that for you Every detail of your professional image is important.

Usually, cards printed on thick cardboard or plastic produce a much stronger impression than thin paper counterparts. Also, now there are opportunities to print business cards on a tree or a thin metal.

business card design toronto

Here are some examples of business cards we’ve just recently done for our clients. If you’re looking for a professional and creative business card design Toronto done for your business – feel free to contact our business card design team to kick off your project!

Business cards design done for Mick Ackermann Designs
business card design toronto

Business cards design done for Delineation Salon & Spa
business card design toronto

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