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Branding it’s a process of creation and positioning of a company and its products or services. The main purpose of a branding agency is a creation of a brand that will make its very own, unique philosophy, values and a proper message to its potential customer as well as a creative and modern visual representation.

Creating a brand book is a creation of a standard. Both ideological and visual. A brand guide is indispensable for network establishments and companies with many branches or even with one location. Important for rising brands, as it eliminates the need to search every time for a business card design for a new employee. As a leading branding agency Toronto we’ll be happy to design and develop a creative brand guide and brand identity creation for your business.

Creation of the brand guide may last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. You can order logo design online if you’re in rush and we can create it much faster, however, the brand guide is a much more complex task that requires a branding agency Toronto to come up with a full visual representation of the future brand. In the brand book, we clearly prescribe the rules of using the logo. The corporate identity of the company will be brought to the same standard. Now you do not need to remember what font to write the title, your ad will be recognized by any visible fragment.

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That’s how proper branding should look like. Are you looking to stand out among your competitors? Let’s talk and we’ll make it happen.

How a branding agency Toronto create the brand-guide

Complete branding is not just a logo and business card design. It’s a complex, marketing tool and your brand’s face.

Brand Positioning

Positioning and brand’s platform include a mission and values of the brand, based on what company builds it’s communication and distinguish it’s a marketing approach to gain more authority within its niche. Brand’s philosophy should include all the functional and emotional characteristics of a product or service starting from logo design and keep it within its corporate identity. The creation a brand platform is an essential step while the trademark process and selecting a legit branding agency is a key to success.

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Main elements of branding design

Corporate Style Design

The process of creating a corporate style and identity is aimed at finding your own individual brand look. The face of your brand is the most important step towards the establishment and future promotion of your brand. As a Toronto branding agency, we understand that corporate style is a visual representation of your brand’s platform, its values and advantages and it’s the most precise company identification. Corporate identity is based on the creative concept that allows you to combine all the graphic techniques and give them true meaning. The incorporate style which is designed correctly – there is nothing superfluous, every element performs its function.

Brand Name Creation

Naming is the second step after brand platform development. A proper brand name should reflect the unique selling proposition of the brand, meet your audience’s expectations and psychology as well as to be easy in ongoing usage. As a creative branding agency in Toronto, we make sure that every brand name we come up with is subject to legal check to make sure you can use it and trademark it in future. Feel free to check more information about our business naming Toronto process here.

Brand-Guide Design

Brand Guide is a result of successfully complete the project. It’s your main marketing tool as it has rules and directions on how to use all visual elements in future marketing, advertising and simple day to day use. The complete brand guide helps you to standardize the production of all promotional materials and helps to reduce financial and time costs in future. In our branding agency, we’ll be happy to create a complete brand guide for your existing or future business to make sure it represents your venture in the very best way.


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